The Labyrinth


The labyrinth

hate it
neglect your demons
or hide
you decide
half life
or being alive
when the door closes
it spirals down
endlessly in circles
and now you´re descending
to the bottom line
to that moment
when you broke your spine
to all that grief
that you left behind
you see
how can you get up
when you have no backing
the ground is gone
when your dignity is lacking
I looked up instead of in
tried to breath
but the air was too thin
I looked up longing to fly
but wings don´t carry a broken spine
I stopped looking
wanting to die
I looked as though
everything was fine
you see
hate it
neglect you demons
or hide
you decide
half life
or being alive
and you are not even crying
the pain is so deep
it feels like dying
feel it
feel it now
or you won´t stop lying
feel it
feel your back
and start flying






My serenity
was kindled
through my
hard earned integrity
Learned by severity
Churned in scarcity
of love, thinking I was good
A misinterpreted longing
to be understood
I gave away my power
thinking that I should
give up everything
that could
reveal me
I thought this
denial would
heal me
Feel me
I didn’t know
this way
you could
steal me
Still hiding
when I wanted
you to see me
All the while
I had to
be the one
to free me
light and dark
to be me
To put up
might seem aggressive
A massive change
to your surroundings
They can’t see
the mountain
you are mounting
Your life is up hill
past beliefs
And still
for every boundary
you maintain
You’re back is straightened
by the integrity
you gain
They say
you shouldn’t have
aggressive behavior
But if you’re lacking
back bone
anger is your saviour
The darkness is there
though under
Without recognition you might
explode in confession
Or you’re like me
You implode by the pressure
to drown in self loathing
beyond any measure
You’re climbing
the ladder
of uncertainty
Life came without
you’ve got to
fight for your integrity
But every step
is worth it
Like self worth
you have to birth it
with complete love
For your wildness
turns into the
most incredible kindness



Intelligent fools


Intelligent fools

to me everything looks grey
I don’t buy the black and white
if that’s ok
I’m going to draw a bigger picture
on a red square
be aware
I am no way near
the ending
I can’t talk about the system
without being condescending
the state is removing culture
from the schools
intelligent fools
like you can learn how to live
by numbers
join the dots and fill in the slots
file on que
you know what to do
sell your liver
be a giver
all that matters in life
is mass production
and efficiency
art sucks the economy dry
nobody needs dreamer
who thinks he can fly
into a reality where
taxes don’t exist
where there are no lists of
got to do before tomorrow
where time is infinite
and not borrowed
from a bureaucrat
who joins the dots
files on que
she knows exactly how
to follow the rules
raising intelligent fools
who stop to think creatively
and what we get is
a deprivation of imagination
it’s sucking life out of our society
if we don’t teach kids about art
their mind becomes
a theoretical desert
until their mind is blown by
a sandstorm of reality
you can’t build your life
counting numbers to insanity
life will bring wrinkles
to your vanity
your passion runs dry without
irrigation from your fantasy reserve
and living lifes art is something you deserve







in those minutes waiting

for the train

like I´m alive for the first time

I am

part of a life stream

life´s dream

looking at the stars

created on

a spotted floor

being made

by and by

hundreds of people

and ghosts

reaping what they sow

and the roof is

letting go

of the snow

falling into soft piles

becoming water


like heaven´s daughter


just watching

the dynamics


destruction and mending



Inner peace prayer


Inner peace prayer

I give my self peace

I give my self peace

I give my self peace

so I can be at ease

walking towards my day

I feel each of my feet

my arms and

my whole body


so I can give myself peace

I breath deeply

from inside my belly


and I meet people

talk and I laugh

I am

and I give myself peace

I do my best

and I am present

I am here

and I give myself peace

A thought may strike like lightning

hearing my inner tumoils fighting

and then

I give my self peace

I give my self peace

I give my self peace

so I can be at ease






I am a wave
And a flashing sword
I am a sage
I obey to no one
But The Lord

The Lord is in me
Pumping in my chest
And my Heart speaks louder now
Louder than the rest

He commands the Victory
Of vast, of endless plains
He surmounts the Fire Horse
Freeing him of chains

He evokes the thunderstorm
The waves of ebb and flow
And he beats the Silent Song
Inside me, when I go



The Lord is Great Spirit and Mother Earth, and it does not belong to any religion.




E du en av de som føler deg knekt
fordi du ikkje passer inn og er frøken perfekt?
Eg skal si deg en ting, om en samfunnsdefekt
dette e medias massevoldtekt
En evig propa-ganding som gjør deg uforstandig
Klemmer ut det du har av kreativitet
Klemmer deg gjennom universitet
Til du slutter å tro på forandring
Eg hadde glemt å skape sjøl, då eg la ut på vandring
i livet
Eg kunne ikkje bygge, eg kunne ikkje rive
Eg var indoktrinert i samfunnsregimet

De sier
E du knall i padden, helt pling i bollen
Kem slapp deg ut av fødselskontrollen
Du må endre deg selv for å bli perfekt
Å la være vil fremstå som ordrenekt

Passiv konsumer
Reklame overalt kor eg snur meg
Plakater, som mater meg med redigerte flater
og eg hater meg sjølv i de perfekte rater
Så eg kjøper de produktene som skal gjøre meg vakker
Samme reklame om igjen, den hakker
Til vi føler oss fornøyde, med bøyde nakker
Skrur volumet ned når vi snakker- uten sminke
Forbruket går opp mens selvtilliten minker
Peeler conceeler, raker beina mens gubben kviler, lotion, den healer huden mens du tar på mascara, eyeliner og pudder
Spør gubben om du ser ut som et ludder
han roper, nei, ta på mer
er det en feil her, som eg ikkje ser?
Hårspray, sun-tan og øyenskygge
alt vi gjør for å ikkje føle oss stygge
Lipgloss og glitter, ingen vil pule hårete fitter

Du kjører bare frem når ingen har lært deg å rygge
Du trenger ikkje fem lag med sminke for å oppleve hygge
Kor mange timer om dagen til styling og preparasjon
Usminket glede blir en sensasjon, en provokasjon
Mot de som selger masken
milliarder av kroner
som suges rett ut i vasken

De sier
E du knall i padden, helt pling i bollen
Kem slapp deg ut av fødselskontrollen
Du må endre deg selv for å bli perfekt
Å la være vil fremstå som ordrenekt






My mind is not empty

but just full of stars

maybe each of them a victory

not all of them are scars

scars only heal

when we allow them to feel

each of them

how deep they´re going

you feel pain

when your sores are mending

you give up and look up

not knowing that the stars

are looking back

they feel it

when you are losing your track

they hold their breath for you


they cannot tell you

what is true

but your scars will tell you a story

when healed

they shine with the outmost of glory



Know Fear


Know fear

no pain no gain
before you reach the end
you feel you´re going insane
can´t retrain the brain
cause´you´re locked up
in emotional strain
and every try to fix things
is trying in vain

until one day you´re fed up
can´t get your head up
you´ve let yourself down
and you give up
with nothing left to defend
you completely surrend
without knowing
it´s the beginning
it´s not the end

what doesn´t kill you makes you stronger
but you can´t take it any longer
you´re living your life like Sisyfos
behind every victory
is a god damn loss
by now
you think it´s a cross you must bear
you can´t see
it´s been the road to know fear
you´re too weary to feel it
you´re one step away
to be able to heal it

you´re fed up
can´t get you´re head up
you´ve let youself down
and you give up
with nothing left to defend
you can completely surrend
it´s the beginning
and not the end