Solar Plexus


Solar plexus


I know about jealousy
I´m envious too
but I keep
looking through it
to see what is true
So when I´m judging
or eager to blame
I look at solar plexus´
deep rooted shame

Burning or blacked out
it´s a self-hating game
When projecting it outwards
results´ always the same
The Sun, the provider of life
becomes pain

Knowing my sun just
wants me to shine
I let go of my envy
to become alive
and I´m honing my skills
because they
make me thrive
Until the time
I am walking in the sun
my spotlight is shining
on just having fun

When I like what I´m doing
and I do my best
I don´t care if I´m judged
or put to the test
Your jealousy can´t touch me
when I´m shining my light
because I want for you
to shine just as bright




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